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NB! Administrator and operator guides are migrated from Wiki to separate documents: [Admin Guide - Online], [Admin Guide - PDF], [Operator Guide - Online], [Operator Guide - PDF].

To contribute, please contact us at for write access to documentation repository.

Installation Guide

User Manual

Scripting Guide

System Reference

APT Repository for Debian/Ubuntu

Compiling NetXMS for OpenWRT


NetXMS Video Tutorial Series

How to send e-mail notification when disk space is low

Using nxshell to automate bulk operations

NetXMS as a cluster (high-availability) application

Creating a Dashboard

Creating SNMP table DCI

OS process monitoring using SNMP

Step by step service monitoring

Reporting server setup

NetXMS Grafana datasource setup

Deploy NetXMS WebAPI using the WebUI Windows installer (Windows only!)

Miscellaneous Documents

This section contains useful documents which should be part of User Manual, but not integrated there yet.

OS X Java issues

External Parameters Provider

Autologin for Management Console

Unsorted Features List

Windows Performance Counters

How to Install Agent on ZeroShell

Enable SNMP for devices without standard system MIB

Add new MIBs

How to Encrypt Database Passwords

Running NetXMS under debugger

Details about database connection

How to migrate to another database

How to enable ICMP ping for NetXMS server running under non-root account

How to fix console crash on Linux

How to configure agent to server connection


Reseting state of all alarms and node statuses


Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Monitoring

UPS Monitoring (APC) via SNMP

IBM Storwize V7000 (and possibly other IBM arrays)

HP P2000

Linux monitoring

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) Calculation

'Backbone' L3 Map - map without end-device subnets

Ubiquiti and Ligowave wireless monitoring

Application monitoring

Mass node import into NetXMS


NetXMS Integration with HP Operations Manager integration

Documentation for Developers

Coding Style

Communication Protocol Reference Guide

Internal API

Network Device Drivers

How to setup Eclipse/RAP

How to compile report-generator

Working with UNICODE

Web service API

Building Debian packages