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Below is unsorted list of NetXMS features.

Scripting Language (NXSL)

  • Scripts can be called as macros (via %[script_name] macro) in event processing
  • Scripts can use shared library finctions (via use operator)
  • foreach operator
  • Hook scripts after polls

Network Administration

  • Find MAC address: system administrator can find switch port where device with given MAC address is connected.
  • Find IP address: system administrator can find switch port where device with given IP address is connected.
  • NetXMS can use DNS name as primary communication address. In that case, change in IP address will be reported via special event. Useful for monitoring machines with dynamic IP.
  • NetXMS can distinguish IP address change from new node using MAC address
  • NetXMS can monitor 802.1x authentication state on switch ports
  • Can show hardware components for network devices (if device provides appropriate information)
  • Layer 2 topology map can be built automatically
  • Network autodiscovery
  • Route change monitoring with Net.IP.NextHop internal parameter


  • Agent can be restarted remotely from management console
  • Agent can be upgraded remotely
  • Watchdog can be enabled, which will restart agent in case of crash
  • Agent can wait for specific process before completing initialization
  • Subagents can be run under different users (external subagents)

Server Monitoring and Management

  • Server can be restarted remotely via agent
  • Any predefined command can be executed on server via agent, either automatically or by operator command

Data Collection

  • Transformation scripts
  • Calculated DCIs - value can be calculated from multiple DCIs on multiple nodes


  • Condition objects
  • NetXMS server can forward events to other NetXMS server