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Full playlists

NetXMS Basics
NetXMS NXSL Tutorials - coming soon™
NetXMS Advanced Tutorials - coming soon™

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Basics 2.1 - Sample config from the video

Individual videos

Basics series:

Basics 1 NetXMS intro
Basics 2.1 Installing server on Linux
Basics 2.2 Installing server on Windows
Basics 3 NetXMS client and basic server settings
Basics 3.1 NetXMS Management Console - Perspectives
Basics 4 SNMP and NetXMS Agent
Basics 5 Adding nodes to monitor
Basics 6 Objects and basic organization
Basics 7 Polling and poll types
Basics 8 Data collection (DCIs)
Basics 9 Thresholds and Templates
Basics 10 Graphs and the Performance Tab
Basics 11 DCI Summary Tables
Basics 12 Maps and IP/MAC search
Basics 13 Syslog
Basics 14 Status Map and Dashboards

NXSL Series:

NXSL 1 NXSL Introduction
NXSL 2 NXSL Security
NXSL 3 Syntax and available functions
NXSL 4 Global Objects and Parameters
NXSL 5 Working with Containers
NXSL 6 Working with SNMP
NXSL 7 Working with NetXMS Agent
NXSL 8 Script DCIs
NXSL 9 Transformation scripts
NXSL 10 Filtering of Instance Discovery and Maps
NXSL 11 Auto-bind for Containers and Templates
NXSL 12 Scripts as Actions