How to setup Eclipse/RAP

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Eclipse and Target Platform setup

Is should be like this:

RAP 3.4 Target Platform.png

  • Import existing project from src/libnxjava/java/base into workspace
  • Import existing project from src/client/java into workspace
  • Import existing projects from webui/webapp into workspace

Run Configuration

  • Create new Run Configuration (of type "RAP Application")
  • Enter "/nxmc" as servlet path
  • Switch to "Bundles" tab, click on "Deselect All"
  • Add working set -> add your workspace with all WebUI projects
  • Filter for "http.jetty" and select "org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty"
  • Filter for "console" and select "org.eclipse.equinox.console"
  • Filter for "felix*shell" and select
  • Clear filter field and click "Add Required Bundles"
  • Uncheck "" - only "" must be selected
  • Click on Validate
  • Apply and Run

If browser complains about too many redirects (seen that on Mac) - just refresh page.

WAR export

Possible fixes if Eclipse acting weird

  • Refresh sources
  • Clean and rebuild all
  • Repeat refresh / clean once more
  • Refresh platform (Preferences -> Target Platform -> (select it) -> Reload
  • Go to "Edit platform", select each Update site's URL and click on "Update"