NetXMS Grafana datasource setup

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The NetXMS Grafana datasource provides an alternative way of monitoring to that of the NetXMS Web and Desktop consoles or the Android app, by using the Grafana platform and the NetXMS WebAPI.


The following prerequisites need to be set-up first:



For installation from source:

1. Clone the NetXMS Grafana datasource GitHub repository from

2. Copy the files from the repository to

3. Restart your Grafana server.

4. Login to your Grafana web interface and add the NetXMS datasource in the Data Sources section by selecting "Basic Auth" in the "Auth" section and, if using "Browser" access, select "With Credentials"


The datasource currently supports the following functionality:

  • Visualisation of configured data collection items for objects in graphs and tables.
  • Listing of active alarms on a general or a per object basis