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The NetXMS WebAPI is being developed to support larger integration possibilities for the NetXMS server and is based on the RESTful philosophy. The API currently supports Grafana integration and external tool authentication which will be described shortly. The NetXMS WebAPI is currently in very early development!


  • A running instance of the NetXMS server.
  • Access to a web server.
  • Git tools
  • Maven tools


1. Clone the NetXMS git repository to a folder on your computer.

2. Navigate to
3. Run
mvn package
4. Copy the resulting .war file from
to your web server.
5. Create a
file and place it in the property file location of your web server and specify the NetXMS Server address with the
property. If server is running on non-standard port specify it with

External tool authentication

It is possible to use the NetXMS WebAPI to for authentication in external tools. This can be done by sending a POST request that includes the following JSON data:


To the path:


The API will return a 200 response if the credentials are correct, a 400 response if either login or password is not provided or 401 if the provided credentials are incorrect.