UPS Monitoring (APC) via SNMP

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UPS(APC) Monitoring Basics

You can monitor APC UPS devices via SNMP if you have installed network management card into your device.

After installing and configuring your management card, add new node into netxms and create these DCI. Don't forget about instance (.0 on the end of each OID)


The current utility line voltage in VAC.


The output voltage of the UPS system in VAC.


The current UPS load expressed in percent of rated capacity.


The remaining battery capacity expressed in percent of full capacity.


The current internal UPS temperature expressed in Celsius.


The UPS battery run time remaining before battery exhaustion.


The elapsed time since the UPS has switched to battery power.


and you can use this transformation script for converting raw value to minutes.

sub main()
return ($1/6000);

The status of the UPS batteries. A batteryLow(3) value indicates the UPS will be unable to sustain the current load, and its services will be lost if power is not restored. The amount of run time in reserve at the time of low battery can be configured by the upsAdvConfigLowBatteryRunTime.


MIB file

Power.mib included to netxms by default. New version of this mib you can find in apc site.

SNMP traps

For using traps you need configuring you network managment card, you can do this via card web interface. Here you can find traps templtate for apc devices for netxms.

Apc add trap rec.png