Ubiquiti and Ligowave wireless monitoring

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Ubiquity and LigoWave devices are known for very limited SNMP support. Almost no wireless data is present in the SNMP tables.

The UBNT/LG collector plugin for the NetXMS Agent's Java SubAgent was written because of this, and aims to provide data collection from these devices.

What can be collected

Ubiquity collection parameters:

Collector ubnt.png

LigoWave collection parameters:

Collector ligo.png

How to configure collector

You need to configure your nxagentd.conf as following.

On Windows, the file should look like this:

SubAgent = java.nsm

Plugin = C:\NetXMS\lib\ubntlw.jar

On Linux, you need to install the 'netxms-agent-java' package.
On my Linux (Ubuntu Server 12.04.05) installed from the NetXMS apt repo the paths are as follows:

SubAgent = java.nsm

jvm = /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/server/libjvm.so
Plugin = /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/netxms/ubntlw.jar

Please note that on your Linux install the path to libjvm.so might be different. The plugin will however always be in <prefix>/lib/netxms/ubntlw.jar
If running multi-arch, dont forget to specify the arch, as in my previous example.

Adding devices

All devices you want to monitor using this plugin need to be specified in nxagentd.conf.

Here is an example:

[ubiquiti-ap] = ubnt:ubnt

[ubiquiti-client] = ubnt:ubnt = ubnt:ubnt

[ligowave-ap] = admin:admin01 = admin:admin01

[ligowave-client] = admin:admin01

Formatting is as follows:

[<device-type section>]
<device ip or fqdn> = <username>:<password>

Applying configuration

After this, restart the NetXMS agent. After the agent restarts, do a Configuration Poll and Status Poll on your NetXMS Agent node.

Collecting data from devices

The collection will always happen from the NetXMS Agent node.

To collect certain data from a device, follow these steps:
1) Open DCI configuration fro your UBNT/LG node
2) Add a new DCI and select:

  - type: NetXMS Agent
  - source node: the node that has the NetXMS Agent
  - parameter: path of the item you want to monitor with the IP of this device as instance
  • note: the parameter selection (using the "Select..." button) doesnt currently work due to bug #826

The finished configuration should look like this:

Ubnt lg collector configuration.PNG

Finished product

You can now collect all data from your devices, and should see proper values in "Last values".

LigoWave client example:

Ligo client collection example.PNG

Ubiquity client example:

Ubnt client collection example.PNG