IBM Storwize V7000

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  1. Array should support SSH interface
  2. Following commands should be available:
    1. svcinfo lsnode
    2. svcinfo lsnodevpd
    3. svcinfo lsiostatsdumps
    4. svctask cpdumps


1. On monitoring server, generate new SSH key using ssh-keygen

ssh-keygen -b 2048 -f monitoring.key

This will produce two files, monitoring.key (private key) and (public key)

2. Create new user on array:

Authentication Mode Local
User Group Administrator
Password (leave empty)
SSH Public Key Select

V7000 user properties.png

3. Try ssh connection to array:

ssh -i monitoring.key user@array_ip

V7000 info.png

4. Clear old statistics from array:
4.1 Run "lsnode" to get list of nodes
4.2 Run "svctask cleardumps -prefix /dumps/iostats NODE_NAME" for each node.

"svctask cleardumps -prefix /dumps/iostats node1"

5. Start statistics collector:

svctask startstats -interval 1

where "1" is interval in minutes. 6. Wait couple of minutes and try to copy collected statistics from array:

scp -i monitoring.key -r user@array_id:/dumps/iostats/